How to use the 2-in-1 Turtle Silicone Cell Phone Holder Stand Earphone Cable Headphone Cord Winder

How to use as the cord organizer: 1.Pull turtle shell up 2.Rolling well the earphone cable 3.Push back the soft shell Product description Sucking mobile phone holder can stably stand the cell phone. It can used as cable organizer, cellphone holder, and also a toy for small baby. The environmental silicone material is non-toxic and does no harm to human beings. 100% brand new and high quality. 2-in-1 Turtle Silicone Cell Phone Holder Suction Cup Stand Earphone Wrap Cable Headphone Cord Winder Anti Slip Stand for Cell Phone Impressive, [...]

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What is silicone cable winder?

Silicone Cable Winder (also known as Silicone Cord Organizer, Silicone hub, Silicone separator,Silicone wire winder,e-clip magnetic cable winder,wire organizer) is a kind of Silicone gifts in silicone products, is based on Silica Gel as raw material The product shape can be made into various kinds of cartoon and lovely shapes according to the requirements. In general, the silicon wire winder is relatively small and compact. It is widely used in earphone wires of earphones with winding, carding line, decoration [...]

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Magnetic Twist Ties Silicone Cable Winder and Earphone Cord Organizer

Magnetic Twist Ties Silicone Cable Winder and Earphone Cord Organizer Do you feel your table are mess with kinds of cables?Let the magnetic cable clips to help you out. Magnetic cable clips are made of eco-friendly soft dust-repelling silicone,Including Silicone and Strong Magnets.Reusable&Durable Made of soft silicone, the magnetic cord winders has good telescopic elasticity, flexible and comfortable to touch, which are both reusable and durable. Perfect for all consumer electronic Such as Headphone Cables, USB Cables, Mobile Device Cords, and Desk [...]

A Safety Breakaway Cell Phone Lanyard

Are you looking for a new lanyard, phone strap, phone holder phone stand or all kinds of phone cases for protection? 1. SUPER FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, safety breakaway lanyard with retractable clip/ detachable buckle, suitable for outside work and activities. 2. SOLID SILICONE STRAP with 3M adhensive buttons, can hold a maximum weight of 15kgs. 3. UNIVERSAL USE. Except for frosted cases, liquid silicone rubber cases, iPhone Jet Black surface, compatible with all other cell phone cases, iPhone and Android phones. 4.PERFECT FOR ALL: [...]

4 Molding Processes for Silicone Products

As a kind of environmental-friendly raw material, silicone is loved by people because of its superior performance. Its softness and non-toxicity are widely used in industrial seals and medical devices. In particular, its operating temperature : -60 to 250℃ is unmatched by plastic. Using silica gel to cover metal parts or plastic parts to form some new properties makes the product hard moderate, for example, silicone coated steel kitchen shovel, its environmental protection is popular with consumers. Silica gel [...]