What is silicone cable winder?

Silicone Cable Winder (also known as Silicone Cord Organizer, Silicone hub, Silicone separator,Silicone wire winder,e-clip magnetic cable winder,wire organizer) is a kind of Silicone gifts in silicone products, is based on Silica Gel as raw material The product shape can be made into various kinds of cartoon and lovely shapes according to the requirements. In general, the silicon wire winder is relatively small and compact. It is widely used in earphone wires of earphones with winding, carding line, decoration and other functions


Cartoon design of the Creative Silicone Winder, there are 6 standard colors for you to choose from, and can be customized according to customer requirements

 Use 100% environment-friendly silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, coated with silicone oil, free from dust and good hand feeling. Anti-static function;

The LOGO of the client can be printed on the silicone wire winder, and can be designed and manufactured according to the client’s requirements

Domestic design patents that provide clients with the highest innovation value

Green, healthy and odorless, shockproof;

Elegant, soft and comfortable for easy storage and regular physical contact;

non-toxic, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, corrosion-resistant and durable.

Product use

Silicon Cable Winder, suitable for all kinds of mobile phones iphone, MP3, MP4 earphone line, better management of twisted earphone line.

Superior performance, plus silicone is a non-petroleum products, does not rely on the growing shortage of oil resources, making silicone products as a substitute for similar plastic products has been the trend At the same time Silica Gel products can be applied to many plastic products can not do the use of areas, such as baby pacifier, human organs, application prospects are very broad.